Quality, Environmental and Occupational
Health and Safety Policy


The principles illustrated below are valid for Bip Spa and Bip Services Srl.


To operate as a Business Advisor and Management Consultant in major International Industrial Groups both in the strategic-organisational field and in the field of Information Technology planning and governance, being recognised as a quality partner in their development.

To provide our customers with the continuous innovation of the service, and the guarantee of frontier expertise in the industry segments in which we are specialised.

To provide our personnel with development opportunities and growth in line with market best practices.

To collaborate with market partners (Vendors, Specialised companies, …) in order to create maximum added value for the customer.

To be one of the most attractive companies for young graduates in terms of employer branding.

To maintain profitable and sustainable growth with due respect for the values expressed in our code of ethics.


Bip seeks to represent a success story in the sector of consultancy at the level of leading international consultancy companies, becoming an important alternative to traditional suppliers. Our growth is driven by trust and collaborationentrepreneurship and couragemeritocracy and development.


Satisfaction of the customer and our personnel for the work carried out and the results attained; working not only “for” the customer, but also “with” the customer, enhancing their experience and valuing their point of view.

Confidentiality of internal information, of our customers and partners, compliance with current legislation on privacy.

Dedication and tirelessness in the pursuit of the objectives directed towards continuous improvement and communication of the goals attained with the interested parties.

Honesty, trust and transparency towards colleagues and our customers, regardless of the profitability of the recommended choices for Bip.

Teamwork: collaboration and teamwork to achieve shared goals, respect for the ideas and opinions of others, shared responsibility. We foster an environment in which people can grow together, where collaboration of diverse capabilities is the key.

Flexibility: willingness to alter the approach in the face of challenges proposed by ever-changing situations.

Leadership: ability to make decisions, to engage and guide others by motivating and stimulating them; approach based on risk assessment for the attainment of corporate objectives and the expectations of the interested parties.

Balance and reliability: continuous dialogue with others, especially in difficult situations, and sharing of useful information by evaluating each variable before making a decision. Focused results, dedication and tireless pursuit of objectives.

Legality: compliance with the laws, regulations and rules in force in all the countries in which Bip operates; the utmost attention is paid to workplace health and safety and environmental protection.

Protection of the individual and their private life: development of a work environment in which all employees and collaborators of the group are protected; appreciation of the privacy of one’s colleagues and collaborators. It is our top priority to ensure the wellness, health and workplace safety for all those who work with us by guarding against work-related injuries and illnesses.

Participation and involvement: providing education, information and training for all personnel on the importance of each person’s role in the daily accident prevention routine. Involvement of people to carry out effective activities to improve safety in the workplace and environmental protection, raising awareness of compliance and informing about the risks arising from non-compliance. Promotion of the participation of workers and their representatives in company life. Involvement of suppliers and partners in achieving the objectives that have been set, control and orientation towards continuous improvement.

Meritocracy and professional growth: recognition of merit, promotion of updating skills, increasing knowledge and awareness of the personnel.

Sustainability: environmental protection with measures to prevent or reduce the environmental impacts associated with the processes; pursuit of environmentally friendly solutions with a lower environmental and energy impact; products and solutions selected from the point of view of eco-compatibility and life cycle analysis.

Bip undertakes to render this Policy operational by implementing procedures, rules and instructions aimed at ensuring that the values expressed are reflected the behaviour of all involved and at implementing increasingly effective operational control and monitoring and measurement systems.

Bip provides all the resources necessary for developing and maintaining the Integrated Management System for Quality, for the protection of the EnvironmentHealth and Safety of Workers in compliance with the requirements of ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 standards.

Bip adopts strategies based on risk analysis and periodically evaluates risks and opportunities connected with the development and maintenance of the Management System, establishes consistent objectives and goals, and develops programmes aimed at continually improving.

Bip undertakes to communicate and make the Policy available to all interested parties, and to review it periodically in order to make sure it continues to be adequate and consistent with its improvement objectives.