On the 24th of December of 2023, the 4th episode of the miniseries powered by BIP about environment and innovation went on air on Sky Tg24, the Italian all-news TV channel. The main topic of the latest episode was the “Blu” side of the Festival and what this colour represents – digital transformation, innovation, and in this case Artificial Intelligence. Among the guests there was Antonio Corghi, BIP Equity Partner & Head of BIP xTech.

The latest appointment unveiled the major concerns about Artificial Intelligence (AI), the potential risks within its fields of application, and the opportunities that it opens in terms of innovation. 

In the light of all these concerns and fears, the guests presented the recently approved EU AI Act – a framework of regulations that will govern this fast speed developing innovation technology. On one side, it will bring trustworthiness to the Artificial Intelligence due to the alignment to the European standards; on the other side, it is expected to create new professional figures and new job positions. 

It is crucial that the implementation of the EU AI Act follow the exponential development of Artificial Intelligence to truly power the European digital innovation, the enabler of present and future environmental and social sustainability – the other core matter of this very Festival. 


If you want to know more about topics related to innovation and you want to hear the experts, check out the episode on the following link:

Sky Tg24, il Verde e il Blu: digital transition  


Guests of this episode

Anna Vaccarelli, Technology Manager at the Institute of Informatics and Telematics of  CNR of Pisa and External Relations Manager of Registro .it
Antonio Corghi, BIP Equity Partner & Head of BIP xTech
Claudio De Paoli, BIP Equity Partner & Head of BIP CyberSec
Marco Taisch, Professor at PoliMi School of Management Manufacturing Group and President of MICS – Made in Italy Circolare e Sostenibile

Hosted by: Alberto Giuffrè

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