Published On: May 2, 2023


Lorenzo Sioli
BI Specialist
@BIP xTech

Marco Bressanelli
BI Senior Expert
@BIP xTech

Victor Bueno
Augmented BI Community Leader
@BIP xTech

The Visual Agency
Data and Information
Visualization company

With the emergence of the cookieless era, audience generation for marketing campaigns is becoming increasingly challenging. There is a critical need to integrate different data sources and identify the right targets. Identifying those targets requires dedicated skills and resources and, when it comes to multi-channel environments, the required effort is enormous.

BIP xTech has developed Smart Audience.

Smart Audience is an AI-based audience generator that enables consumer behaviour analysis, precise audience generation and seamless multi-channel activation with an easy-to-use accessible interface built with Google Cloud, Looker and Google Analytics.

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