Delivering an Enterprise Data Warehouse

Enabling a unified data platform and creating synergised view of data across multiple data sources

Published On: Dicembre 20, 2021none
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We began a data warehouse implementation against the backdrop of an ongoing data migration, this presented numerous challenges such as the client’s use of new and legacy systems simultaneously, presenting an extra level of detail needed for requirements gathering.

We aimed to address the following challenges faced by the client:

  • Siloed views of data across the business, impacting the speed and efficiency of internal reporting.
  • Our client struggled to consolidate data from legacy systems with new data source systems thus impacting business readiness.

Our client relied on manual processes to gather and analyse data leading to slow processing times.


We were able to successfully address the challenges faced by our client by delivering an enterprise data warehouse as a single repository for data. We demonstrated the capabilities of the data warehouse by selecting internal reporting as a use case for the data warehouse.

We demonstrated the beneficial impact of having an enterprise data warehouse on internal reporting for our client by gathering requirements on the multiple data streams from various data sources and providing a comprehensive view of data across multiple data source systems using Azure Synapse analytics.

We worked collaboratively with our clients 3rd party data source system providers to automate data integration through the use of APIs. The impact of automating this process is that the client experienced huge time savings within their data insights team as a result leading to greater efficiency.

We produced power BI reports for client reporting KPIs directly from the creation of the enterprise data warehouse, illustrating the streamlined process made possible through the implementation of the data warehouse.

  • Simplified workflows
  • Streamlined interfaces
  • Powerful insights
  • Consolidated three key client data sources into one single data repository
  • Infrastructure in place for client to build on new data and technology led initiatives in the future with little or no set up
  • Best practice established – standardised data across the organisation

Time savings benefit: automated the integration of over 10 salesforce objects into Azure Data warehouse

Streamlined process: the implementation of a single API enabled less effort required to gather data

Reduction of data errors and inaccuracy due to automation

We maximised value for our client by enabling the DW to build for extended use cases

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