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Achieving sustainable growth in utilities through cognitive digitization

Published On: Dicembre 17, 2021none
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Routing customers towards the energy plan best suited to their needs requires a wide array of details that have to be manually provided from old utility bills, which can add friction to the customer acquisition process. Simplifying the funnel by reducing the number of manual steps is crucial to foster a better customer experience and achieve higher conversion rates on new customer inquiries.


Bip supported E.ON in the definition, design and implementation of a new acquisition funnel by developing a serverless Cognitive OCR solution: an information retrieval system working on images and digital energy invoices uploaded by customers. To reduce the number of steps requiring manual data entry, a redesigned onboarding flow has been deployed. The deployed system - based on Bip xTech Cognitive Suite Solution - leverages Google Vision APIs to extract billing and customer information from utility bills uploaded by the customer. Data is processed real-time to define and send a personalized quote fitting customers' needs.


The solution had a deep impact on E.ON's acquisition funnel performance metrics. Drastically reducing manual data entry led to a +184% increase in conversion rate, 7% increase in acquisition to activation rate and an overall 87% of satisfied customers. By leveraging serverless infrastructure, the system is capable to easily absorb traffic spikes generated by marketing campaigns and promotions.


Increases customer satisfaction to 87%

Boosts digital account creation to 13%

Enables mass digitalization of business processes and strengthens quality of data analytics

Furthers green and sustainability initiatives across the business


The collaboration between E.ON and Bip xTech has played a key role in optimizing our customer acquisition funnel and providing a smoother customer experience. The redesigned customer acquisition funnel had a positive impact across all our key metrics.

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