Automatic courtesy vehicle solution

Provide an automatic way to send courtesy car to customer after services request

Published On: Luglio 19, 2021none
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The challenge of the project is the automatic understand of the request received from the repair service workshop reading free text email and catch all the necessary information to address an automatic system to find a courtesy car near to the customer.


The solution Identified is composed from different process. The first process, with A/I and M/L capabilities read all the email, categorize and grab the necessary information.

The A/I document understanding training was based on a history of more than 12,000 documents and email.

The second part of solution was delivered developing a mobile site where the customer was capable to specify the position where the courtesy car is request plus other information regarding the CAR ID and the credit card of the customer.

The last part was a Robotic Process system that manage the customer system to find on the market the courtesy car and send back to the car service and the customer the feedback.


The project catch xx different goals:

  • The customer are able to ask a courtesy car all day long independently from the opening of the call center
  • 6 FTE was addressed to different activities
  • The customer get response in less than 30 minutes (until the system the time was about 4 hour)

20% reduction in processing time

600 requests managed for week

6 FTE reduction

24h7 availability

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